Eco-Friendly Wildflower Seed Wedding Favors

Eco-Friendly wildflower seed DIY wedding favors. These cute flower pots wedding favors are easy to make and good for the environment.

You need:

Mini terra cotta pots (sold at craft stores)

Tulle and ribbon (sold at craft stores)

Wildflower seed packets

Potting Disks (sold at department or home improvement stores)

Cardstock to print your personalized card tags

If you like you can decorate the mini terra cotta pots by painting them. You can either spray paint them with your wedding colors or hand paint designs. Another deocorating idea is to affix ribbon and/or scrapbook embellishments. It's your wedding favors, so let your creative juices flow.

After decorating the mini terra cotta pots comes the easy steps by adding the wildflower seed packets. You might need to fold the seed packets to fit the terra cotta pots. Then placing the potting soil disks either on the bottom or top of the pot.

Lay one piece of tulle on the table and place the mini terra cotta pot in the middle of the tulle and pull the tulle up around the pot and tie with the ribbon.

Print your personalized favor tag on cardstock, cut the tags using scrapbook decorative scissors or a hole punch. Scissors and hole punches are sold in the scrapbooking department in your local craft or department store. And be sure to place a small hole punch so you can feed the ribbon and make your bow.

This favor will cost approx. $1 to $2 to make, depending on your location.

Best of luck in making your wedding favors!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Under $20 Holiday Gift Ideas!

The December of holidays (Hanukkah, Christmas & Kwanzaa).

Are you looking for little gifts to give teachers, postal carriers, paper boy, co-workers, family and friends?  Do you want to give them something store brought?   Or do you want to make it yourself?   Do you have a price range in mind?

Here's are some under $20 DIY Holiday Gift Ideas!

All the holiday gift ideas listed here are super easy to do!!!

  1. Gift Card & Chocolate Bar Gift - Visit your local grocery store, fast food chain or department store and purchase a $10-$15 gift card.  Also pick up a large size chocolate bar from your grocery, department or dollar store.  You probably have some wrapping paper handy at home, if not purchase some.  Are you getting it?  Yes, wrap the chocolate bar as you will any other gift and be sure to tape the gift card on the chocolate bar before wrapping it.  Tie your little present with a hand tied bow.  The fancier the bow the more elegant it will look.
  2. Homemade Cookies Gift - Everyone loves to munch on cookies during the holiday!  Make one to three different types of cookies, place them in a tin or a fancy cardboard cookie box.  Wrap and tie a bow. If you are pressed for time in making the cookies, visit your local grocery store and purchase ready made cookies from the bakery.
  3. Lottery Bouquet - Here's another super easy idea for your gambler.  Purchase a small Poinsettia, plant, or silk floral arrangement.  Now purchase $1 instant lottery tickets and arrange the lottery tickets around your plant.  Attach them to the card holders (can be purchased at your local craft store, or ask the florist).
  4. Handcrafted Scented Candle Gift - Visit a local craft show and purchase a handcrafted scented candle.  Find a nice gift box or gift bag at your local dollar store.
  5. Hot Cocoa Gift Mug -  Visit your local dollar store and grocery store to pick up a oversized mug, individually packaged hot cocoa mixes, small packages of cookies and cellophane wrapping or bag.  Arrange the cocoa mixes and cookies in the mug, wrap and tie a bow.
See how easy it is to do-it-yourself holiday gift ideas for under $20!  But, I bet you can think of lots more.

Are these cookies homemade or store brought?  These are my homemade white chocolate cashew cookies (instead of macadamia nuts).

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Volume 1 – How to make your own holiday chocolate gifts with cookies found in your local grocery store.   This the easiest way to make normal food items into stunning holiday gifts with the use of confectionery foil, which can be purchase at a craft store or online.

First you need confectionery foil, and the product you would like to use. 
Everyone loves Oreo® cookies, so why not purchase a package or two of different flavored Oreo®.  Wrap each cookie with foil.  Use different colored foil for each cookie flavor to make your gift more festive.  Be sure when you purchase the foil it will be big enough to completely wrap the product you are using.

After you are done wrapping the cookies place them in a clear glass container.   You can also use a cylinder glass vase, mason jars, holiday themed colored clear containers or even a large drinking glass.   Wrap your gift with a cellophane bag, tie with a festive holiday ribbon and attach your gift tag.  Or if you need a smaller thank you gift, place three foiled cookies in a cello bag and tie with curling ribbon (see picture below).

A simple but elegant gift for under $10! 

Join us next week, for another easy and simple gift giving idea from Mona’s Chocolates.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Creative Do-It-Yourself Wedding Favor Ideas

Most brides are on a budget when it comes to planning their wedding.  They do want to give the traditional wedding favors but at times they go to the Do-It-Yourself approach in creating their own wedding favors.  There's nothing wrong with that, but be sure when you create your wedding favors, let them look as professionally done as possible.

When I say make them look professionally done, it doesn't mean you have to purchase the most expensive product to make that happen.  What I learned over the years, it's all about the presentation of the product.  For example you decided your wedding favors would be scented votive candles.  Would you rather place them in a cello bag and tie them with curling ribbon? Or maybe after placing them in a cello bag wrap tulle around them and tie with a satin ribbon and attach your own personalized tag?  These favors should cost you under $1 each.  Be creative! You can place scented themed shaped handmade soaps, small picture frames, hand lotion, themed magnets or a small address book with your new address already in it.  If you decide on the soaps, you can either make the soaps yourself, which is very easy, all you do is remelt the soap blocks, add coloring, scent, and pour into soap molds.  Everything you need to make these shaped soaps can be purchased at your local craft store or online.  If you don't want the headache in making your own soaps, visit a local craft show and make a deal with one of the crafter.
 These are scented tart melts in a clear cello bag and tied with homespun fabric.  If I was a guest receiving these, I would say it "looks like they just wanted to give us something and they look so unprofessional.  It probably cost them a lot of money but not appealing to the eye".  If you would place just one or two cello bagged melts in tulle or a sheer organza bag with a personalized tag, they would look much better and would be a nicer favor to give.

Here's another non-edible unique wedding favor idea; napkin rings as wedding favors.  Actually, they are handmade beaded bracelets, which the guests would love to wear afterward, and they will remember your wedding.  You can either make the bracelets yourself or again make a deal with a jewelry making person.  Well, this idea is mainly for women, maybe you can make them for bridal shower favors instead, since women only attend them.

For edible unique creative wedding favors you can use the same concept as above and place chocolates, candies or cookies.  The best time to purchase chocolate and/or candies are after major holidays, you can save from 50%-75%, just be sure to find out the expiration date before making your purchase.  As your guests will carefully wrap your gifts with wrapping paper, you can do the same by wrapping either regular or jumbo size Hershey chocolate bars with gift-wrapping paper.  Make the chocolate bars into small gifts for your guests as your wedding favors.  Or if you prefer personalized candy wrappers, here at Mona's Chocolates you may purchase only the candy wrappers and assemble them yourself.

I hope these inexpensive Do-It-Yourself Creative Wedding Favor Ideas help you in finding the perfect wedding favor for your dream wedding.  Best Wishes!